For over several years now, Croft Poles has enjoyed increased export demand for the higher density of Northland Radiata Pine Poles for the utility markets in Asia and on occasion, further afield.

Construction Poles, Utility Poles and Timber

Croftpoles are CCA (Copper Chromium Arsenate) treated to the level of Hazard Class 5 (H5) for critical end use situations. Results have shown that poles treated appropriately will have expected average service lives in excess of fifty years. Durability in Pacific Island environments has proved to be very good.  Products used sucessfully have included construction poles, driven foundation piles, specialty machined rounds for building structures (up to 18m x 450mm), power and phone distribution, decking and outdoor timbers as well as animal fences.

export export
Geoff Croft observes as one of many export Utility Pole orders are loaded. This one, for about 3,500 poles is bound for South East Asia.


Samoa Uni 2
Meeting house at the University of Samoa. Poles up to 18m long x 450mm diameter in the roof structure.