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Producer Statement- pole/pile 2009                         . Specification and Guide to Poles and Lazerlogs               . Postwood and Laserlog Spec- 2011                            . Square Pile – Spec 2011                                           . Credit Application & Terms of Trade                        .

Sub division retaining wall with integrated fence top design

Build a Timber Retaining Wall

This is a quick guide only and does not take into account additional loading such as roadways or buildings. Check with your council regarding permits and what height an engineer will need to be consulted.

Transmission Poles

Transmission Poles and Marine Piles

Results have shown that poles treated appropriately will have expected average service lives in excess of 50 years. Durability monitoring to date has shown that the best performance has been achieved with pine poles treated with C.C.A. or pentachlorophenol oil. However, there are economic and environmental disadvantages associated with the latter.The best option for wooden softwood poles are therefore pines treated with C.C.A.

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