Construction Poles and House Piles

Construction Poles

Croft Poles specialises in the production of high density pine, ground treated construction poles for use in foundations, driven piles, retaining walls and structures.

Sizes from 150mm to 600mm in diameter and lengths up to 27m have been produced.

For more details refer to our Pole Specification in the Technical Information section.


Square House Piles  (125 x 125)

Crofts sawmill produces “anchor rated” square foundation piles.  All are grade verifed and H5 treated for durability.

For more details refer to our Square Pile Specification in the Technical Information section.

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pine products range

Product Range

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Pine products range

Croft Poles History

Croft Poles History

A family-owned business for over 100 years, you can depend on Croft Poles products.

Croft Poles History

Timber Merchants

Timber Merchants

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