Overview of Croft Pole Product Range

Croft Construction Poles

These are poles that are shaver peeled to produce an even smooth finish but are still left with the trees natural taper for maximum structural strength. These are used anywhere strength is required, for instance, these poles are widely used in New Zealand for retaining walls, utility poles and house foundation piles. These are generally treated to hazard class H5 for critical end use including use in fresh water.


These are produced to a set diameter and have a machined uniform finish i.e. a 200mm or eight inch pole is machined to 200mm from end to end and resembles a large piece of dowling. These are generally used for landscaping and low level retaining walls where aesthetic appeal is more important than structural strength. They are also popular for play grounds, horse jumps and fencing.

125×125 Square Croftpiles

These are widely used in New Zealand for low level house foundation piles and low level retaining walls. These are manufactured to the New Zealand standard NZS3605 for timber piles and poles for use in building. This requires us to constantly monitor and strength test our product to ensure we meet or exceed the minimum requirements of this standard. We are one of a limited number of producers registered with the NZTPC to produce such a product.

Sawn Timber Products

We are capable of producing just about any form of sawn timber size. Good volumes of 100x25mm, 75x25mm and 50x25mm are available for local and export markets in both sawn and planer gauged finishes. These sizes are commonly used for cavity batten, furniture manufacture, gate making or laminated to make a range of different products such as scaffolding planks.

For the domestic market we produce a wide range of CCA treated outdoor products for such uses as sub-floor and foundation, decking and bridge building, retaining wall planks, floating pontoon timbers, farm fence rails, stock yard timbers, large square sections and guard rail barrier posts.